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Traditional Thai Massage

Over 2500 years of massage perfection is now available in Australia. Regarded by many as “the perfect massage”, Thai massage has its origins deeply rooted in Buddhist philosophy. It is still taught and practiced today at many Buddhist temples throughout Thailand.

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In modern day Thailand, many of the Thais include traditional Thai massage as an essential part of their monthly routine. This is because Thai massage is used essentially as a form of maintenance to prevent pain, rather than as a means of curing it, even though a expert Thai practitioners are able to treat chronic pain of all kinds.

The Thais claim that regular Thai massage, as a result of the improved circulation it induces, can slow the aging process, especially the wrinkling of skin on different parts of the body. Receivers of Thai massage experience relaxation throughout the body and absolute tranquility of the mind; some clients even, during the longer sessions, fall asleep at the end of which they are awake, alert, and refreshed.

Benefits of Thai massage include:

  • Improved blood and lymph circulation
  • The mind can be stimulated to a naturally mild, euphoric state
  • The body receives more oxygen and nutrients and the immune system becomes more efficient in fending off disease agents, thus lessening the chances of becoming ill
  • Muscles are helped to rid themselves of toxic chemicals
  • Stiffness and pain is prevented
  • Good muscle tone is preserved
  • Flexibility is improved
  • Internal organs are stimulated to function at best capacity
  • Improvement occurs in digestion, absorption of nutrients, and elimination of waste